What is Recommended Assessment Criteria?

We’ve designed the assessment criteria list for our writers to follow in their academic writing. We recommend that you consider these points in your test essay.

This guideline could as well be useful should you want to justify your utilized paper before submitting it for review along with application form.

Our main goal now is to see your writing. Still, we'll bear these criteria in mind while assessing your work.

Recommendation Points
Create distinct introduction 6
Create well-defined body 6
Create distinct conclusion 6
Start with an introductory sentence/question 2
In your introduction, include thesis statement or research question 2
In the introduction paragraph, define significance of the researched problem 4
Suggest solutions to the problem 4
Write paragraphs each corresponding to single solution defined in introduction 6
Include transitional paragraphs between ideas 4
In your conclusion, include short summary and detailed recommendations 6
Avoid passive writing 4
Write your text in third person 6
Create sentences that are not too long 2
Use all words correctly 2
Avoid inappropriate jargon 2
Avoid persistent redundancy in text 2
Avoid monotonous word patterns 2
Make sure your sentences do not sound choppy 2
Write complete sentences 2
Correct all typos in text 4
Correct all spelling errors 4
Correct all punctuation errors 4
Correct all grammar errors 6
Use a set of sources to base your research on 4
Format your text in APA 6
1 inch margins, double-spaced, Times New Roman 2
Total: 100

After you have justified your paper to our recommended assessment criteria, submit your application to us.

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You'll need to follow these rules in every paper you'll be submitting to us. For your convenience, we've compiled this cheatsheet in .doc format. Download Recommended Assessment Criteria.
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