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First Impression

First Impression
By Zettica

The building had a strong intimidating business décor. The walls were white with very few pictures. The windows were tall, long and thick, and they could appear to the average eye as though they had no ending, as if they continue right up into heaven. The furniture that filled the place was decent but bland and straight to the point. Color combinations of brown, blue and beige. I had passed by this place many times before and always wanted to know how it looked on the inside. I always looked at it as a place of eloquence and prestige. Never in a lifetime would I be able to work at a place like that. If I would be allowed in there to work; it would definitely be at the bottom of the work hierarchy. You know those employees who are overlooked because their job isn’t of any real importance or benefit to the company. The ones who are kept around to do the work that nobody else are willing to do. The ones who really keep the company running smoothly but they are never recognized for their contribution to an oppressing office society. Sort of the peasants of the work place, common folk who should recognize their position and be thankful for even be allowed to step foot in the door. From what I could see, there weren’t any signs of play that took place there. Initially, I didn’t see that many people but the ones that I did see, looked as though they had been overworked and underpaid. They receptionist at the desk acknowledged me but only out of obligation. She knew that it was part of her job to acknowledge all guests, whether she felt they were of great importance or not. It appeared as though she couldn’t afford to loose her job. Not on the account of being unconcerned in the way she treated the company’s guest. I approached the receptionist desk. She asked in an uninterested voice.

“How may I help you, she said?”

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