My browsing experience with Google Chrome

Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox have long been the leader in internet search. Lately Google created their very own personalized browser Google Chrome. This is kind of funny because the browser itself does not contain the Google toolbar. I downloaded it last night and it was fast. I should say everything is fast in its beta stage and then it gets to destroy your mood and browsing experience after a few months. Last night as I was using Google Chrome I noticed that it does not allow me to cut and paste after I uploaded photos and images at Blogger blogsite which is normally allowed by Firefox and IE. The browser looks like Opera but emptier lol. If you want to try this you may download it now. Later if you see "page not load" problems please don't blame your internet service provider for it. It could be your browser failing to function properly. Try to use a different older browser first to know which one is causing the loading error. To be fair Google Chrome is fast, really fast when you are making research for your articles and essay topics. I would still recommend it to writers here at Writers-United.

Thank you for the review, Shirley. I was also thinking of downloading this browser but then decided to stay loyal to Mozilla. Moreover, it's a fact that with their products Google collects personal information about users, starting with your browsing history (Google Toolbar) and personal mail (Gmail), and ending up with your photos (Picasa), all your blogs (Google FeedBurner), locations where you've been to (Google Maps), all the files on your computer (Google Desktop), and even your bank account and credit card details (Google Checkout), creating huge databanks with profiles on every person, which is kinda scary if you start to think how all this info might be used. So Google Chrome, besides all, is another very efficient tool of collecting your private info 8)

I wouldn't be that optimistic about the new browser by Google, the most powerful corporation ever.

Before releasing own browser, Google was able to collect user browsing information only through Google Toolbar. If you read the G! Toolbar Terms & Conditions carefully, you'd find the lines where Google states that by installing the software a user agrees to share all browsing information with the software provider. Naturally, they couldn't force everyone to install their toolbar so the great G chose the different way.

Google wants to know every little thing about you and your relations with the world. Having billions of heavy-weighed user profiles enables the corporation to sell anything to anyone. And you wouldn't even suspect that Google is actually selling something to you -- they know the exact place (space?) and time you'll be browsing across their ad and they'll definitely know the words to convert you in a second.

There is, however, even a more dangerous aspect of Google's tremendous activities. By collecting all sorts of data about its users (read every Internet user on Earth), Google sets you and everyone else in the world under the greatest threat ever. How?

  • Google Toolbar knows your location, your IP address, your Internet service provider (who knows your real location), etc.
  • Google Checkout knows your credit card number
  • Google Maps & Google Earth know your travel itineraries, your favorite places, your office location, your friends' locations... even exact distance between your home and the nearest supermarket!
  • Google Docs reads all your private documents
  • Google Notebook has all your notes
  • Google Desktop knows your music tastes, has your images, indexes each and every file on your computer
  • Gmail sees all your email conversations and has all your contacts on file
  • Google Talk & Lively record all your VoIP talks with friends
  • Picasa Web Albums knows your friends' names and faces, has seen places that you visited, remembers your dog's name and won't ever forget that birthday party where you got so drunk!
  • Google Calendar remembers all your events, appointments and reminders
  • Google AdSense has access to your website where you publish their ads and, again, knows your credit card and information and all your bank account details
  • Google Adwords has the list of your websites that you promote through their advertising system (And, yeah, they have your financial profile on record)
  • Google Analytics knows absolutely everything about your websites (and products that you sell online or offline) should you have any
  • Youtube views every video you submit and tags every little detail in it
  • Blogger reads all new posts in your blog
  • iGoogle has passwords to your Facebook/Myspace/Writers United accounts

Do you think you're safe with Google?!

2Anastasia: Haha, isn't that cute? I duplicated your comment without even reading it!

Yeah. As some ad says, great minds think alike (just joking :))

and you are the person who introduced me to Picasa!

Ok, now you are scaring me :)

I'll admit one thing. It was not like I never realized how much your privacy is at stake in the online world, but seriously, isn't this like the limit? One thing intrigues me though. Given that the notion about Google, and other such software service providers, being great 'user data collectors' and all is a well known fact, you would think people would avoid these services like the plague. Oh well, not likely. If you have to step into the web arena, I guess these necessary evils have to be dealt with.

Bottomline, one would need to use plenty of caution when relying solely on online services for our basic needs. I would suggest avoiding sharing credit card info over the web, and this includes using online services like Google checkout. Maintaining encrypted digital images and documents whereever possible would help too. Use less of the add ons from Google or Yahoo, like their toolbar, desktop and briefcase (Yahoo is chucking this service though), features. And lastly, some kind of proxy IP would be a valuable resource for those serious about protecting their privacy. It's our basic right! Isn't it??

Just my 2 cents.

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