essay writing: the most appropriate response to recession

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If you don't have the passion to write but you have perfect grammar and sentence construction because you were born to it, then I guess you have the skill and just need a little inspiration to get that writing goal moving.

Write as an academic essay writer at Writers-United and you get to eat full three meals a day, earn for your house rental and maybe a little shopping spree if you are lucky to have a lot of orders in your dashboard. Don't worry about the owners, they are guaranteed nice people. Worry about your broadband connection.

Let them take the car but not your computer and your connection. Because through it you are going to regain what you lost during the recession. You may lose fashion but not the passion to write. Now you can sit and start writing with a smile knowing that you will be earning dollars from it. In Writers-United, all it takes is an complete application online to get started.

Totally agree. A passionate writer doesn't need any other employment to earn for living. Way to go, Shirley! :-)

@Lisa: Financial motivation replaces passion.

its true that financial issues can sometimes trigger us to loose that passion for writing and go for the money instead but wouldn't it be fun if you can have both and hit two stones with one bird.

Sometimes practicality works. Putting in a lot of passion can make someone a little bit philosophical and little bit crazy...everyone needs money...not for inspiration but to live...:)


Asking a writer what he thinks about criticism is like asking a lamppost what it feels about dogs.

Yes. A passionate writer doesn't want to do any job except his/her writing.

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