A writer's greatest predicament

A writer's greatest predicament as I see it is his limitation to access online library sites. They are all paid subscriptions and if you go to the free ones, they don't usually display in full. So I am thinking since a lot of writers have been reading and posting comments in this blog, maybe you can post on which site you use for your library access and help each other. Writers-United is a team that draws its strength from the good efforts of the owners. Maybe a link can be provided here for use on which site is best for what topic. Great idea?

Let me start Questia is a paid one but it's good. Presently Google books can be used as a good reference too. It is free so spun creativity. But let me tell you guys, the real writer's predicament really is knowing that the topic you find in your dashboard pays more and you don't have the resources or the references the customer is looking. Imagine yourself in that situation lol. Isn't that heartbreaking?

If you are a member of your local brick-and-mortar library, see if you have access to their online catalog. Some only offer access to newspaper articles, while others offer e-books and other useful tools.

Also, check the university or college that you graduated from. Often alumni will have the same access to the offline and online library (which tends to be more extensive on college websites than public libraries) that current students do. If you're not sure then give your old university a call.

Hope that helps.

I use my university library and also I use a couple other college libraries as well. Most university libraries will give a courtesy card for general patrons to use their site and reference materials. Also I am working on my graduate degree online and I use my online university library at times as well. Hope that helps.

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