A Book Report on Peter Rabbit

Being a big fan of musical theatre, couldn't stop myself from posting the following video clip link here:

I think I've been through all of the characters while writing my PhD thesis.
And, really, I believe that every single person who has some college education can relate to this song! :)

Poor Charlie, I feel his pain :'-(

@kate: cool video lol! thanks! do you have more? :-P

Hey Kate, I've found a rrrreeally cool South Park episode about creative book report writing. check out my blog post at http://www.writers-united.org/blog/stevo/book-report-the-old-man-and-sea

Ha! Thanks for the laugh. I can certainly remember going through each one of those scenarios. I love the excuse that Charlie Brown gives: "I work well under pressure... I should just wait to start until tomorrow." Ha, again!

Yeah, me too %) The lyrics is awesome:

"If I start writing now when I'm not really rested it could upset my thinking which is not good... At all." - Charlie

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